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Will the file I send to BEC be kept in confidence?

Yes, B.E.C. will only use your file to produce your job, and won’t share the details of your design with any other company. We do the CAM in house and manage the production ourselves so the factory that makes the boards only has access to the manufacturing data.

Will you charge more if I have small hole sizes in your design?

Normally we won’t have an extra fee if your hole sizes are no smaller than 12 mil.

Do you keep copies of our files for future orders?

Yes, we keep your original files as well as the manufacturing files. If the job is too old we may not have the films as they have a limited shelf life, but we keep all the digital data for every job we have ever made. All you need to do is give us your B.E.C. job number and we can run your job again no matter how long ago you ordered it.

What are your manufacturing capabilities?

Please click here for the details of our manufacturing capabilities. We can manufacture boards with higher technical requirements, but your files need to be sent to B.E.C. to be checked before sending your purchase order.

How can I get the advantage of multi-design jobs from B.E.C.?

You can panelise your designs into our prototype standard panel sizes. We do not have an extra charge for multi designs in one panel. As with everything, there is a limit to how much you can put in but you will find that more than 99% of jobs will fit within the limits. If your job does not fit in a standard panel size please contact our sales team. We also use custom panel sizes for special jobs.

What are your drill sizes?

The drill sizes we use vary from 0.3mm to 6.0 mm in 0.05mm increments. Holes larger than 6.0 mm are routed out.

What is your MOQ?

One panel.

Must I reply to your confirmation email before you commence production?

Yes, you must reply to our confirmation email before we can commence production. More: The confirmation file is produced by our ERP from the CAM data and from our interpretation of your specifications. This data is then presented to the production line operators in a way that makes it easy for them to read and in some cases downloaded to the equipment directly. This is done by the ERP itself, removing the chance of human error.

Will B.E.C. check if there are open or shorts in my design?

Yes, B.E.C. will run a DRC as part of doing the CAM. But we won’t change your design. Instead, we will send you an email or call you to check if the design is right. The best practice is to run a DRC and use a netlist file when generating your pcb so you can be sure all the tracks go to the right place.

When will B.E.C. start production?

Our CAM engineer will process your job after we receive your official PO, and later we will send you a confirmation email with all the details of the job. Please check it and reply to the email to confirm if all the information is correct. Once we have your confirmation and payment, we will start production straight away. At the same time, a production notification email will be sent to you. 
All fast turnaround orders received and verified by 4pm (Australian Eastern StandardTime) are put into the system on that day. Slow turnaround jobs are not always started immediately. They are scheduled by the ERP to run at a time when production is more efficient.

Can I change job specifications after the job has been started?

Yes, some parameters can be changed as long as the job has not got to the step affected. Our ERP generates the production worksheets on the fly for every step in the process as the job reaches this step. This means that we can change the parameters as long as this work sheet has not been printed. Some parameters cannot be changed because it will require new film to be made. The following parameters can be changed: Surface finish, solder mask, overlay colours and delivery details.

How can I track my order?

You will need to contact us to get an account to our online tracking system. If you have ordered anything from us before all your information will alredy be there you just need to let us know so we can activate your account. To login go to http:login.php
We use a specially designed ERP that controls the production completely. There is no production manager, supervisors or anyone deciding when and what jobs to run. Also, the system is setup so that jobs have to be logged by the operator for the next step to be able to be carried out. This information is all kept up to date in real time by the ERP which downloads an update to our tracking page as soon as any job in the factory progresses. This means that what you see on the website is the state of the job at that point in time. If our tracking page says your job is in drilling, you can walk into the drill room and you job will be there. After dispatch our ERP will email you the courier tracking number which can be tracked online at the couriers website.

Does B.E.C. provide any other services other than manufacturing PCBs?

Yes, B.E.C. can provide laser-cut framed stencils for your PCB assembly. We can also help in sourcing products made in China at clients’ requirements. If you have any other needs, please let us know as we may already have this service.

How can you make your jobs so fast? Do you cut corners?

The time a pcb spends being processed is about 8hours for a double sided board with solder mask and overlay. This is using conventional processes and standard processing times. When a manufacturer takes 5 days to make a job, it spends 8hrs doing work on it and 112hrs sitting on a rack waiting for someone to do something. So even large jobs can potentially be made within 24hrs. We use a computer to do the production management, so we can effectively micromanage the job through the factory.

I have an urgent order (24 hours working time), can BEC do double sided solder mask and overlay?

Yes, we can do double sided solder mask and overlay including non standard colours, copper weights and material thickneses in 24 hours.

Some non standard materials may take longer to source. If you will need a board made in 24hrs that needs a special material let us know in advance so we can get the material before hand.