Laser Cut Stencils

Solder paste stencils are used for screen printing solder paste on printed circuit boards during automatic assembly. In order to make sourcing easier for our customers , B.E.C. now offers laser-cut stencils with the following features: 


  1. Short turnaround: 1-3 working days.
  2. High accuracy of sizes, dimensions and positioning.
  3. Smooth aperture walls.
  4. Stable area tension.
  5. Can be shipped together with your pcb order.
  6. Files can be stepped by us to match your pcb order.

BEC uses laser cutting equipment from German company, LPKF. The system has been specifically designed to manufacture stainless steel SMD solder paste and adhesive stencils. The result is a stencil of unsurpassed quality and accuracy. The system is also capable of manufacturing other precision thin metal parts such as encoder wheels, masks for projectors and much more.

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Framed size(mm) Usable size(mm) Price Freight
370 x 470 190 x 290 $98.00 $30.00
420 x 520 240 x 340 $119.00 $38.00
450 x 550 270 x 370 $128.00 $42.00
584 x 584 400 x 400 $140.00 $52.00
550 x 650 370 x 470 $140.00 $52.00
736 x 736 520 x 520 $179.00 $68.00


Unless otherwise specified the shim thickness used will be as follows:
Pitch 0.4mm or 0.4mm/0.5mm BGA will use 0.1mm shim
Pitch 0.5mm or 0.65mm BGA will use 0.12mm shim
Pitch > 0.65mm or 0.8mm BGA will use 0.15mm shim
If 0402 components are present will use 0.12mm shim
Glue stencils will use 0.18mm shim.

* Unless otherwise requested the following modifications will be made to help with the correct operation of a stencil.

  1. E shape pads will be applied upto 0805 package sizes.
  2. If the shim thickness is not specified, it will be selected according to the design.
  3. TP test points (including individual round points with no overlays) will be removed.
  4. Holes on paste layer but in individual pad or hole will be removed.
  5. For LED stencils the LED pads will be made according to standard rules.
  6. Any special requests other than the above rules must be noted in the file