B.E.C. Manufacturing has a good reputation for quick turn around prototype jobs. Not only because our products are good and stable in quality, but because our turn around is quick and punctual. Focused on PCBs for over 20 years, B.E.C. always strives to exceed clients' expectations.

The standard manufacturing time is 3-5 days for Double sided and single sided PCBs and 4-6 days for Multi-layer PCBs. Next day delivery service is also available for double sided jobs.

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B.E.C. has an advantage in multi design jobs. For prototype jobs we use standard panel sizes, the price is the same regardless of the number of designs (within certain limits) which means you get better value for your money if you put more than one design in a panel. 

Normally, our clients prefer to panelise their designs. This allows them to make the most out of the available area. The standard sizes are listed below:

Panel size
(Usable area)
Board Limit Hole Limit V-Cut
7.6 x 10.6" 10 2000 20
6.6 x 16.6" 15 3000 20
10.6 x 16.6" 20 4000 40
14.6 x 16.6" 30 6000 60


Kindly note that if you choose the multi-design service, BEC will produce the panel according to your file, production will auto remade the job if there are rejects more than 25% of the first panel. Therefore, please organize to have enough boards you need in the panel.


BEC can also panelise the designs for you:

If you are sending 1 design, there is no panelizing extra charge.

If you are sending more than 1 design, BEC will charge you to panelize the jobs to our standard production panel. Please send the designs and indicate how many boards do you need for each design.