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10 pcs Membrane Switches Prototype

Including Freight Price:
$328 for Graphics Overlays
$473 for Membrane Switches

Qty 10 pcs
Size within 200mm x 200mm
Within 3 Colours, 15 Keys and 5 LEDs
2 weeks turn around

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$130 freight included:

Only for 1 design pcb jobs 7 day turnaround
Quantity: Boards fitting within 2 off 7.6x10.6’’
FR4 1.6mm 1oz
Double sided or Single sided
Green Soldermask, Top White Overlay
HASL finish Board size: > 25.4 x 25.4mm
                                    < 193 x 269mm


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Image015Solder stencils special.

BEC has the special offer for 37 x 47 cm framed laser cut stencil at $98 now, if you order the stencil shipping with boards, you just need to add $20 for freight!

If you have special framed size or Quick Frame stencils requirement, please email the file to sales@becman.com for a quote.

If you have bunch of stencil jobs monthly, please contact us for a better discount.  More Information

Any questions please email sales@becman.com, we’ll be more than happy to help you.