FAQ Manufacturing B.E.C. Manufacturing: Panelising


Can I panelise double sided and multi-layer boards in the same panel?

Yes, you can panelise double sided and multi-layer boards in the same panel.You just have to make sure the inner layers in the double sided board have no copper pattern in the inner layers.

Can B.E.C. help me panelise different designs in the same panel?

Yes, B.E.C. can help clients panelise their designs into one panel at a reasonable price. We will require a drawing showing how you want the boards laid out. Please note that you need to make sure that the boards can be made to fit in the panel.

What is the minimum gap between boards when panelising my job?

For routed finish the minimum gap between boards is 0.1" (2.54mm) . If the boards are Vcut the gap is 0.04" (1mm) Vcut subpanels still need to be routed out of the manufacturing panel so a 0.1" (2.54mm) gap between the subpanels is needed.

What is your manufacturing rule for rejects in multi-designs jobs?

When making prototype quantities, it is possible there will be rejects during the manufacturing process. To reduce cost, we will only make what is required,which means we have no spares. If there is a reject in a job, we will not re make the panel unless the reject results in more than 25% of the area of one panel. This does not happen often, however if you require a minimum quantity of each design it is advisable to order 2 panels or to put enough copies of every design in the panel. This rule does not apply for large quantities.