Tips Protel Design Tips B.E.C. Manufacturing

Protel Design Tips

With Protel files the edge of the board must be defined by either mechanical layer 1 or the keep-out layer. Mechanical layer 1 takes precedence unless otherwise stated by the customer. Use a track of 0.001" to define the perimeter. If you are panelising the panel you must allow 0.100" between each PCB. If your boards are too close then production will be delayed while we seek your advice. When you panelise, DO NOT place a 0.100" thick track between the PCBs to indicate the router path.

Useful Hints For Protel Users

Check there are no holes in SMD pads in Protel. The program may indicate hole size not used, however, go to edit to verify hole size is 0.0mm When panelising, ensure the duplicate designator is turned on, otherwise the overlay numbering will change when panelising.

Useful Hints For Autotrax Users

Block reading PCBs will ensure that components are not renumbered when panelising. TRAXSTD.LIB has most hole sizes wrong and sometimes puts holes on single layer pads. Single layer pads sometimes show HOLE SIZE "NOT USED". This does not mean there is no hole. Set the pad layer to multilayer then set the hole size to the required size (0 for no hole) and then set the pad layer back to the original layer. Strings are only displayed and printed in multiples of 0.012" with a minimum size of 0.036". Using sizes that are not multiples of 0.012" could result in strings overwriting other parts of the PCB.