Tips Rout Rules B.E.C. Manufacturing

Rout Rules

When specifying a board edge please ensure that if you are designing in Autotrax, Circuit Maker or Protel that the board edge is defined in Mechanical 1 layer.

If you are panelising your board(s) please ensure that there is a minimum of 100 thou between board edges to allow for the router width.

Please also be aware that with any mechanical process there is a tolerance. For rout location, the tolerance is +/- 2 thou and this must be considered when placing tracks and planes near the edge of the board. 

It is recommended that a 20 thou clearance from the edge of the board to tracks/planes be maintained to allow for registration and rout tolerances.

V-Grooving Rules

If your pcbs are to be scored you need to remember the following things:

  1. Allow 0.020 clearance from track to edge of board to compensate for the angle of the v-groove tool.
  2. Because the edge is not square, you must allow for an additional 0.045 increase in the board size.
  3. When panelising, you must place the PCBs 0.040 apart.